Judy Hershel to run for the PA 10th against Tom Marino

About Judy

Dear Neighbors,

Judy here! I’m a wife of a small business owner and a career mom with two young boys. A certified drug/alcohol counselor and community advocate with over 15 years of experience. My family lineage reaches back 5 generations in Susquehanna County. My Mom was the Director of Nursing at Barnes-Kasson Hospital for more than 20 years, my Dad is a local historian and photographer. Our family's military service begins with the Revolutionary War and runs through present day. Giving back to our community and our country has always been a priority in my family. This is why I’m running for U.S. Congress in 2018 for the 10th district of Pennsylvania.

I believe it’s important that our community is heard and represented in Washington. Which today, many folks in the 10th feel they are left on the sidelines. Others are fearful of the polarization that has developed between our two political parties. Through honesty, fairness, open communication and hard work, I believe we can begin to heal the divide between our government and our communities.

I will continue to work within our community, representing and advocating for justice with integrity and compassion. Along with your help, we can make a difference. That is why I, Judy Herschel am for you, with you!

I look forward to talking with you and seeing you around the 10th district.


Visit  https://www.jhcampaign.com / for more info on Judy's Campaign
Delaware Township Preps For Winter

Pike County Disoatch, Nov. 2, 2017
By Dakota Hendricks
DINGMANS FERRY — The Delaware Township Board of Supervisors authorized repairs and purchases to prepare the township for winter. 
The Board authorized the repair of several Township vehicles and equipment. Two Ford F550's need repairs, including transmission lines, oil pan replacement, rotors, brakes etc. They also approved repairs to the township backhoe totaling $1,969.79 and the purchase of tire chains and plow blades for $3,026.50. 

Tim Singleton, President of the Delaware Township Historical Society and Delaware Township Historian, requested a key to the front gate of Akenac Park. The Historical Society hosts events at the Camp Akenac Museum and has access to many of the historical township records from the museum making any research much easier.

During the winter months, Camp Akenac is open only during library hours, which imposes some restrictions on the times Singleton could do research. The Board approved granting him a key on the condition that he must immediately lock the gate behind him and that he was the only person allowed at the facility. Singleton also requested financial assistance for the Historical Society as they are struggling to maintain funds. 

Jerry Debalao, a representative from PA American Water, spoke during the workshop portion of the Oct. 25 meeting about the utility taking over for Delaware Sewer in parts of Wild Acres. Sections 19-22 are currently unusable due to damage to the original sewer system that has resulted in pooling of sewage among other problems and the inability to put a new system in place. PA American Water plans to rehabilitate the zone with a subsurface disposal system over a 5-to 10-year phased rehabilitation process. 

Residents are concerned over potential rate increases for sewage hookup; however, Debalao stated Wild Acres residents would not see an increase in price for water use. The only residents that would receive a rate increase for sewer hookup are those moving into sections 19-22 of Wild Acres.

Save The Date

The Honorable John R. Lewis High Tea

Feb. 25th

Information regarding Orator's Competition and Video Contest will posted shortly.

The Democratic Party: What We Stand For!!
  • Keeping America Safe at Home
  • Strength Overseas
  • A Strong Economy
  • Education
  • Retirement Security
  • Affordable Health Care
  • Honest Government
  • Election Reform
  • Protecting Our Environment
  • Civil Rights and Justice

2017-2018 DTDC Membership Dues are Due

The new membership year for the Delaware Twp. Democratic Club has begun. Many thanks to all members who have renewed their memberships and welcome to new members. To pay membership dues, please, send a check or money order to the DTDC, PO Box 633, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328 in the amount of $15.00.   Click here to visit our homepage to pay online . Click here for a membership application.

Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth

September 1, 2016

Sensationalist claims have circulated this election season about the extent of voter fraud, with some politicians going so far as to tell voters to fear that this November’s election will be “rigged.” Because electoral integrity is one of the elements necessary to making America the greatest democracy in the world, claims like this garner media attention, and frighten and concern voters. But putting rhetoric aside to look at the facts makes clear that fraud by voters at the polls is vanishingly rare, and does not happen on a scale even close to that necessary to “rig” an election. Read More.