Delaware Township Democratic Club
When Democrats vote, Democrats win!!
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2019 Democratic Candidates


                                 Denise DeGraw Fey:   
                                 Pike County Auditor

                                       John Palmadessa:
                               Delaware Valley School Board

John's family moved to Dingmans Ferry fifteen years ago. He is originally from Union County, N.J. Along with his three siblings, Jessica, Joseph and Jarrett, he attended the Delaware Valley School District from kindergarten through 12th grade. John is now working in the restaurant industry as a supervisor and continues his education, studying communications, with Arizona State University.
John is proud to be the youngest candidate to run for school director. As a recent graduate, he offers the benefits of his first hand experience in our school system. He knows the issues that are important to our families. He will be an advocate for all of the students. He will act as a conduit between the board and the community members it serves. He will be your representative. John will bring a new energy and fresh perspective to our school board.

John's mission includes improving communication, increasing transparency and seizing new opportunities. 

Steve Guccini: Pike County Commissioner
Pike County Commissioner, Steve Guccini, has announced he is running for re-election. Commissioner Guccini, serves as President of the United Way of Pike County and is a founding member of the Northeast Citizens Review Panel. Along with his general law office in Greentown, he was an Assistant District Attorney for 12 years, headed the child abuse task force, and was an Assistant Public Defender for 4 years. Guccini is involved with and on the board of several agencies and organization, and is seeking his second term as Pike county Commissioner.

                      Jane Himelfarb Quattrocchi:
                        Pike County Prothonotary

​​Jane is a practicing licensed attorney in New York and Florida, and has management experience as Dean of Academics of a university. As such, she is accomplished in conflict resolution and team building. As a trial attorney, she has knowledge of legal documents and the Court system. She would also like to implement an e-filing system, which will be more efficient, lead to less waste and lower costs. She has experience with e-filing as a practitioner and would like to modernize the office in our County.

She believes in unity, transparency and efficiency in governing.

Denise is a life-long Democrat and a Pike County Native. She is a successful Real Estate broker with licenses in NY, NJ and PA. She is not new to the political scene. Having served 8 years on the Delaware Valley School Board as a Director from 1997-2005, she knows how the county works . As Pike County Auditor, she will be a watchdog for how our tax dollars are spent.

​For more information, email Denise at [email protected]